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A Good Bye to a Good Friend

We offer full funeral services, a full line of caskets, private cremations, and more so you can honour your pet’s memory with style and elegance.

Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park Helps You Say Goodbye

Knowing that someday you will have to face the loss of a treasured animal companion is painful. That is why Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park offers pre-arranged burials and respectful funeral services for the pets our clients throughout British Columbia love as part of their families.

You can make decisions about honouring your pet’s memory with a pre-arranged burial in a period of calm rather than crisis. We at Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park help you care for your pet’s burial or cremation in your time of loss, just as you did in life.

Your Grief is Natural

It’s okay to miss your animal companion.

Honouring Your Pet's Memory

Let us help you choose the right send-off.

A Place of Treasured Memories

See your animal companion’s final resting place.

Pet Memorial Services in the Countryside East of Prince George

Bring your pet to rest in the peaceful countryside east of Prince George near the Fraser River. At Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park, you can select from a range of services that fulfill your pet’s final needs in your own personal way. We perform every service with respect for your pet’s memory and the feelings of their loving family.

Have a full funeral service at a grave site, where loved ones can return to visit over the years or, if you prefer, we also offer private cremations so you can keep your treasured friend close with a beautiful urn or keychain vial.

Call locally in Prince George or call toll free from anywhere in British Columbia to make your pet’s final plans. Our services include:

• Full funeral service • Burials & cremations (including private cremations) • Private or common burials

If you’re interested in starting the process of a pet memorial, please call us to book an appointment.

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