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Your Grief is Natural

Losing a pet can be just as difficult to accept as the loss of a relative and it is absolutely natural to grieve.
It is natural to cry, to talk about them, and to remember the happy times you shared with your companion.

After a period of time, consider getting another pet. A new pet will never take the place of the one you lost but pets have a wonderful way of becoming friends, each with their own personality, and to capture a new place in your heart. You will know when the time is right.

Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park is operated privately by people who care about your loss. We understand that each and every pet relationship is unique and therefore each loss will be accompanied with different feelings of grief. Here at Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park, we offer pre-arranged services so you don’t have to deal with the details during the grieving process. We want you to choose only the services which you feel will provide a fitting tribute to your friend.

Honouring Your Pet's Memory

See your animal companion’s final resting place.

In Memory

I have travelled the pathways beside you -
I have made you the Lord of my day -
But now that I have gone before you,
It is only to show you the way.

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