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Prince George and Area Pet Memorial Park’s Video-Certified Private Pet Cremation Guarantee

How do you protect your animal? It’s simple. There are only two ways to guarantee that your companion animal is privately cremated with a cremation guarantee in Prince George:

• Witness the cremation personally, which can certainly be arranged at your request •

• Obtain a copy of our digital recording of the cremation, made to reassure the family, as most pet owners don’t wish to attend their pet’s cremation. •

The Process

The crematory camera is set up to record, automatically, whenever motion is detected in the camera’s field of vision. All activity, whether placing a pet in the cremation chamber or the crematory operator simply walking by the front of the machine, is fully recorded.

Once the activity stops, the camera will continue recording for 10 seconds until going in to standby mode. All video is stored digitally, for a minimum of three months. The name of the pet, the owner’s name, the veterinary clinic from where the pet originated, date, time, and pet’s weight is displayed on a white/blackboard which is visible to the camera. The pet will also be visible when possible, for identification purposes. This will all be recorded, as well as a visual on the cremation chamber itself, showing a clean and empty interior, prior to the pet’s placing.

A Good Bye to a Good Friend

Let us help you choose the right send-off.

The duration of the burn is dependent on several factors:

  • The animal’s age – younger animals usually have greater bone density than older ones. 
  • The sex of the animal – males generally have a greater bone density than females.
  • The physical size of the animal – large animals will take longer to cremate than small ones.
  • Burn temperature - the hotter the cremation oven, the less ash there will be. 
  • Burn period – the longer the burn period, the less ash there will be produced. 
  • Similarly, the shorter the burn, the more ash there will be.

The final part of the video will show the clean out procedure. The operator will use a broom to sweep out the remains, into a clean stainless steel pan. They will be left in their natural form to cool. The remains will again be weighed in front of the camera, and noted in the log book. At this time, any metal from prior surgeries will be removed and saved. The ashes will then be removed for further processing. This entails crushing the remains to a coarse powder. During this process, a small amount of ash may be lost as dust particles.

A cremation certificate will be issued to the owner along with the remains, and if requested, a DVD of the process will be provided at no additional charge.

Be assured that your pet will be handled properly during all aspects of the cremation process. As pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, the Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park would expect no less in the treatment of our beloved friends. Whether privately cremated or communally buried, each and every companion is treated with the dignity and respect they worked hard, in their own way, to earn.

This is our personal promise and our personal guarantee.


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