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Funeral and Cremation Services for Your Pet in Prince George

Your animal companions live on in your heart, and Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park is committed to giving them final services that are comforting and meaningful for you and your family. Our scenic grounds east of Prince George are a natural setting for pet funerals, cremations and peaceful visits to your pet’s gravesite.

A Good Bye to a Good Friend

Let us help you choose the right send-off.

Prince George & Area Pet Memorial Park offers the following services:

A burial is a nice way to be able to visit your pet after they’re gone. Cost for all burials depend ultimately on the size of your pet, type of casket, marker and other possible combinations from the standard procedure in the service you might request.

Choose between communal cremation, where your pet’s ashes are spread amongst the park’s flower gardens, and a private video-certified cremation, where the ashes are returned to you. Costs for these service again, depends on the size of your pet and type of urn you require. We offer a large selection of urns, including metal, wood, ceramic, and marble, as well as key chains vials for ashes.


Our selection of caskets is designed to meet the needs of all. The full line of caskets includes choices such as a satin lined stained pine box or a deluxe fibreglass casket. We offer open or closed casket services, depending on what you would like to do.

Per cemetery
Field of flowers


A variety of markers is available and may be purchased from the park. All markers and monuments are subject to rules and regulations as to size and type. Please consult with our park staff when considering your choice.

Pre-Need Arrangements
Our experience has proven that it is so much nicer and comforting if arrangements can be made in advance for your companion’s final resting place.

For the convenience of our clients, pickup from your veterinary clinic can be arranged.

Call us locally or toll free with your questions about our pet cemetery and services, including pet funerals and pet cremation in Prince George.

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